Vision & Mission


The vision of the institution is to make it a World Class teacher education institution, which is competent to face the Global Challenge.


The values of the institution include:
1. Truthfulness
2. Righteousness
3. Honesty
4. Responsibility
5. Punctuality
6. Sincerity
7. Skilfulness


The missions of the institution are:
1) To train the student-teachers in such a way that they may fulfil the need of the society for appropriately equipped teachers.
2) To train the student-teachers with the help of adequate infrastructural and instructional facilities; and qualified teacher-educators, so that it can address the needs of the student-teachers it want to serve.
3) To train the student-teachers to become better teachers for the schools and colleges.
4) To run the institution in such a way that, it can take the tradition (of training the student-teachers to better teacher), of the education institution, to the peak.
5) To inculcate the core values in the student-teachers.
6) To impart quality education to student-teachers, which leads to National Development, Global Competency, Value-orientation, Technology-enabled and Excellency.


The purpose of the institution is the all out development of the area through education and allied activities.

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