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Principal's Desk


From the Desk of the Principal, DUMKAL POLYTECHNIC
Success comes to those, who work hard, and stays with those who do not rest on the laurels of the past. DUMKAL POLYTECHNIC is a live example, where success came from hardship. The Institute was established in 2002 by a renowned Novelist and dedicated Police Officer Dr Nazrul Islam (IPS) Who made his dream a reality spreading the light of education in a remote village.

The Institute is situated in a village with all modern teaching infrastructures. It is eco friendly and is situated in a pollution free zone. We have left our sweet and sour days behind. Now the college is grown up and is moving towards the summit of success.

Our Vision and Mission is to produce good engineers for our country and to achieve success in the field of Technical Education in a rural area. This is not a simple task and we have endeavoured to execute such task.
I acknowledge the patience of our sincere teaching faculties and cooperation of all non-teaching staffs from the bottom of my heart, without whom the success of the Institute could never be achieved. I am encouraging our students to extract all good things from our Institute. The students are our raw material without whom our factory will not run.

Finally I am grateful to the Basantapur Education Society in the shelter of which we are growing up.

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