This college is N C T E recognised & B Ed programme started from 2007; M Ed programme started from 2009..
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Education College


    Faculty and Staff Members Under Upgradation

M Ed Existing Staff for 50 Intake
Principal Cum Professor
1. Dr (Miss) Bijli Mallik, B A (Hons in Ed), M A (Ed), B Ed, D D E,
Ph D (Ed).
Associate Professor
1. Dr (Mrs) K Gupta, M A, B Ed, M Sc, Ph D.
2. Dr Razekul Islam, M Sc, B Ed, M Ed, Ph D.
Assistant Professor (M Ed)
2. Shanker Luitel, MA (Socio), B Ed, M Ed, M Phil (Edn), Ph D (Edu, Ongoing).
3. Molla Jannatul Ferdousul Alam, M Sc (Bot), B Ed, M Ed, NET.
4 Nayim Ali, M Sc, B Ed, M Ed, NET.
5 Soumitra Mandal, MA (Geo), B Ed, M Ed, NET.
6 Mrinal Kanti Mondal, MA (Eng), B Ed, M Ed
Assistant Professor (B Ed)
1. T Hoque, B A (Hons), M A (H), B Ed, M Ed, M A (Edn), Ph D (pursuing).
2. T Islam, M V A, B Ed, M Ed.
3. S Islam, M A (B), M A (H), B Ed, M A (Ed).
4. Habibur Rahaman, B A(H), Bridge Course, M.Sc(M), B Ed,
M Ed.
6. Wasim Sazzad, MA (Edn), B Ed, M Ed, MA (Eng).
7. Rahima Khatun, MA (Socio), B Ed.
8. Abdus Salam Mandal, MA (Beng) Folk, B Ed, M Ed.
10. Ankur Biswas, B P Ed, M P Ed.
11. S Mondal, B Tech (CSE), M Tech (CSE).
12. Jayanta Biswas, B Ed, M Ed, M Sc (Geo).
13. Sohal Sahid Rana, B Ed, M A (Education).
14. Tomjid Hossain, B Ed, MA (Philosophy).
15. Nazrin Sultana, B Ed, M Ed, MA (History).
16. Rejaul Shaikh, B Ed, M Ed, MA (Bengali).
17. Samiul Biswas, B Ed, M Ed, M Sc (Mathematics) .
18. Muklesure Rahaman, B Ed, M Ed, M Sc (Bio- Chem).
19. Sangeeta Mondal, B Ed, M Ed, MA (Music).
20. Abdul Hye, B P Ed, M P Ed.
21. Abul Kayem Sk, MA (Pol Sc), MA (Edu), B Ed, M Ed.
22. Moumita Bag, MA (Geo), B Ed, M Ed.
23. Mijanul Islam, MA (Eng), B Ed, M Ed.
24. Sofikul Islam, BVA,MVA.
25. Jiaul Al Mamun, MA (Geo), B Ed, M Ed.
26. Chitra Priya Roy, MA (Music), B Ed.
Administrative & Professional Staff for B Ed
Office Assistant cum Computer Operator
1. Md Monirujjaman Jaman, B A, S T V T.
Office cum Account Assistant
2. Simajul Haque, B Com (Hons).
3. Mia Tasik Ikbal, B A, B Lis, M Lis, Computer Course.
Lab Assistant
4. Motiur Rahaman, Diploma in ETCE, Diploma in IT, BCA, MCA (Ongoing).
Office Manager
5. Soriful Islam, BA, B Lis.
IT Executive/Maintenance Staff

6. Md Usuf Ali, Diploma (C.A), C & C++ course, O Level, B.Com, M.Sc in Computer Science, MCA.
Lib Asst./Resource Centre Co-ordinator

7. Mamun Reja, BA, B Lis, M Lis.
Office Assistant
8. Bijan Kumar Mondal, B Com, M Music
9. Mainul Islam Biswas, MP, HS.
Technical Assistant
10. Anarul Islam Malitha, B Sc, I T I.

Store Keeper
11. Liakat Hossain, B A.
Support Staff
12. Sakhina Khatun, M P.
13. Anjumanura Begum, VIII.
Administrative & Professional Staff for M Ed
Office Assistant
1. Golam Murtuja, HS.
2. Sohel Rana Biswas, MP, HS.

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PO: Basantapur,
Dist: Murshidabad,
State: West Bengal,
Pin: 742406
Phone: 03481 230059,9733767726
Telefax: (03481) 230059


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Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values:




  The purpose of the institution is the all out development of the area through education and allied activities.


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