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10 K-Dramas

Producer:  Peuli Bakshi Editor: Mohit Bisht

This medical drama revolves around the life of brilliant but eccentric doctors at a remote hospital. It also explores their romantic life.

Dr. Romantic

An iconic Lee Min-ho drama, it is about a poor girl who joins an elite school. She finds herself caught between two wealthy and charismatic boys with opposite personalities.

Boys Over Flowers

This K-Drama explores the world of journalism and features a woman with a unique condition of having hiccups whenever she tells a lie.


A mix of romance, comedy, and thriller, it includes a prosecutor and a rookie lawyer. They get entangled in a complex murder case while navigating their feelings for each other.

Suspicious Partner

A Lee Min-ho and Park Shin-hye starrer drama, where the lives of three high school students get intertwined, leading to a love triangle, amidst family conflicts and social differences.

The Heirs

Scarlet Heart Ryeo: This historical drama follows a woman who time-travels to the Goryeo dynasty, and gets entangled in a love triangle involving princes.

Moon Lovers

This romantic comedy-fantasy drama is about a man who accidentally releases a mythical nine-tailed fox into the modern world.

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

A fate-driven romantic reconnection of an ordinary girl and a playboy, who is also a CEO of a company. Their relationship develops while uncovering secrets from their shared past.

My Secret Romance

Who Are You?: A usual school tale, with an unusual character twist of the female lead. The plot revolves around privileged school kids, bullying, teen suicide, and student athletes’ lives.

School 2015

This romance and mystery K-Drama follows a man who returns to his alma mater as a teacher, to uncover the truth behind his wrongful expulsion years ago.

My Strange Hero