All 12 Zodiac Flowers and Their Meanings

Producer:  Swati Chaturvedi

Aries – Honeysuckle: Represents passion and determination

Taurus – Poppy: Symbolizes loyalty and strong values.

Gemini – Lavender: Signifies versatility and adaptability

Cancer – White Rose: Represents purity and emotional sensitivity

Leo – Sunflower: Symbolizes vitality and confidence

Virgo – Morning Glory: Signifies diligence and practicality

Libra – Rose: Represents love, balance, and beauty.

Scorpio – Chrysanthemum: Symbolizes intensity and transformation

Sagittarius – Carnation: Signifies adventure and optimism

Capricorn – Pansy: Represents discipline and responsibility

Aquarius – Orchid: Symbolizes uniqueness and independence

Pisces – Water Lily: Signifies intuition and emotional depth